How to Save Money on Beauty and Fashion

     It all started with a single YouTube video. I had seen a commercial for a new product that promised to perform miracles on my skin. The Zeno Hot Spot- a revolutionary beauty tool that would magically make your pimples disappear with one use. I had to have it. But when I got to the store and saw the $40 price tag, I decided that I better do some research before committing to the purchase. 
     A simple Google search led me to a YouTube video of a teenage girl recounting her experience with the product. The video was very informal and had a "girl talk" sort of vibe. As it typically happens with YouTube, I got sucked into watching several of the "Because you watched this" videos and discovered a whole world of beauty reviews that I never knew about.
     I soon realized that there is a plethora of information out there that can help when making purchasing decisions. I think we can all agree that it wouldn't be wise to spend half of our paycheck to keep up with the latest fashion trends. But you don't have to! Here are my top tips for saving money when purchasing beauty products and fashion items. This is a collection of things I have learned from many YouTubers and Bloggers, and it really can save you a lot of money. 

1. Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local. If you're not utilizing these websites already, you need to be. Not only can you purchase salon services at half price or better, but you can also purchase clothing, shoes, accessories, and many other items for highly discounted rates. Simply sign up on their website, and you will receive e-mails alerting you to their daily deals. 

2. Tradesy. Looking to splurge on a high-end fashion item? Don't buy your first Louis Vuitton retail. Tradesy is a website that allows you to purchase or sell name brand products such as handbags, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Oftentimes people even post things that are brand new with tags at a huge discount from retail price. 

3. Ebates. Here's another no-brainer. Ebates is a website that allows you to receive a percentage back from your online purchases at hundreds of online retailers. Simply sign up for a free ebates account and download their plugin, and each time you visit a website that offers cash back through ebates, you will be noticed and can select to activate cash back. You can earn bonus cash by referring friends and family to the program. There are tons of websites that participate with ebates. Some of my favorites include Sephora, Ulta, Target, and Amazon. Ebates even offers cash back when you make purchases on Groupon to add to your savings! 

4. Ask for Samples. When it comes to high-end beauty products, don't ever be afraid to ask for a sample. There's no reason you should shell out top dollar for a new moisturizer without being able to try the product first. Most stores are very willing to give you samples. I can't tell you how many times I have requested samples from Sephora, Ulta, and Lush. In addition, many websites offer samples online. A great one I recently discovered was Mario Badescu Skincare. All you have to do is fill out a skin assessment on their website and they will send you 4-5 premium samples in the mail! This is a great way to figure out what products work for you, before committing to a purchase. 

5. eBay. This is another great place to buy high-end fashion items at a discounted rate. Oftentimes retail store owners use eBay as a way to offload excess stock. I've purchased brand new sunglasses, purses, and even clothing off of eBay with great success. Each eBay store has a rating and you can read reviews from previous customers to see if you would be purchasing from a credible seller. 

6. Create a Separate E-mail for Promotions. I would highly recommend creating a separate e-mail account for all of your promotions so that your everyday e-mail isn't flooded with ads. But I do recommend signing up for promotions for stores you shop at so that when you do decide to make a purchase, you can check that e-mail and see if there is a coupon code. 
7. Coupon. The Sunday paper not only has coupons for grocery items, it also has a lot of makeup and bath items. This is a great way to try out a new shade of lipstick without dropping a lot of money on it. If you combine coupons with store promotions, you can save even more. If you’re interested in couponing, check out The Krazy Coupon Lady. 


  1. Fantastic post! This is like 5 blog posts in one. Wow! So much great info. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Dawn! Let me know if you have any money saving secrets up your sleeve!