Announcement: Juice Cleanse Challenge!

     If you’ve ever thought about doing a juice cleanse before, here’s your chance. Starting on June 28th, I will be doing a 6-day juice cleanse to clean out my system and get a jumpstart on a healthy summer. Now, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t possibly justify spending $50 or more each day to do a store-bought juice cleanse. But that’s not to say that I don’t see the overwhelming positives to doing something like that if you do have that kind of cash floating around. For this cleanse I will be making the majority of my juices at home, and supplementing with a few store-bought for when I’m at work. 
     Before deciding to do this cleanse I read a lot about the different regimens on the market. There are so many options out there, but I decided to mimic my cleanse after a brand called “Suja” because most of their drinks offer a good balance between fruits and vegetables. 
     If you are interested in participating in this challenge, don’t feel like you have to commit to the full 6 days. No matter what, filling your body with tons of nutrients is always a good decision, whether you do it for 6 days, 3 days, or even just 1.
     For this challenge you will need a juicer. It doesn’t matter what kind of juicer you have, but it is important to know how your juicer works. There are two types of juicers- masticating and centrifugal. If you have a masticating juicer, you’re in luck, because this means that you can make some of your juices ahead of time, and store them in air-tight containers in the fridge for up to three days. This will cut down on prep and clean up time, and make it easy for you to pack juices when you’re on the go. 
     If you have a centrifugal juicer, you will have to make each juice as you need it, because the juice will oxidize quickly and lose nutrients. If you have to work and can’t make possibly make each juice as you get hungry, do what I’m going to do and purchase a few pre-made “Suja” juices from Whole Foods to keep you going throughout the day, and make your own whenever possible to cut down on costs. 

Meal Plan

Breakfast: “Glow” 
-2 apples
-6 celery stalks
-1/2 a cucumber
-a large handful of spinach 
-3 collard leaves
-3 kale leaves 
-1 sprig of fresh mint 

Mid-Morning: “Fuel” 
-9 carrots (peeled) 
-1 orange 
-1 apple
-slice of pineapple 
-1/2 lemon
-1 inch of turmeric root 

Lunch: “Purify” 
-7 carrots
-1 apple
-2 celery stalks
-1/4 cucumber
-1/2 beet
-1/2 lemon 

Mid-Afternoon: “Fiji” 
-1 apple
-1 cup red grapes
-6 celery stalks
-1/2 cucumber 
-1 large handful of spinach
-3 collard greens
-3 kale leaves
-a squeeze of lemon
-1 knob ginger 

Dinner: “Green Supreme” 
-2 apples
-1 bunch of kale
-1/2 lemon
-1 large handful of dandelion greens 

Dessert: “Vanilla Cloud"
-1 Cup Homemade Almond Milk 
-1/2 Cup Coconut Water 
-1/2 a Coconut's Meat
-1 Tablespoon of Honey 
-1/8 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
-Pinch of Nutmeg
-Pinch of Cinnamon

I hope you'll join me! If you are interested or have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below! 

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