Ninja Kitchen System Review

     If you’re like me, one of the first questions you ask when purchasing a new small kitchen appliance is, “how much of a pain is this thing gonna be to clean?” Seeing the words, “Dishwasher Safe” stamped on the package automatically moves an item to the top of my list. Am I really going to want to make myself a healthy smoothie every morning if I have to hand wash every piece right after I make it- or worse- let the smoothie remnants harden on it all day and THEN have to wash it? No, thank you. 

     About a year ago I found the “Ninja Kitchen System” on sale at Sam’s Club for $99! By this point I already knew this was the blender I wanted, so when I saw it for that price I knew it was time to make my purchase. I had extremely high hopes for this blender, and I was not disappointed. 

     The set comes with a large blender, a smaller food processor, and several blade attachments. Not only is every single piece dishwasher safe (check!), but the blender itself is quite easy to use and extremely sturdy. No need the shake the blender like a mad woman while it’s blending- it is designed to blend in stages so that everything is equally incorporated. And it definitely gets the job done. 

     Before purchasing my Ninja, I had the perception that blenders were notorious for breaking, or at the very least declining significantly in performance a few months after purchasing them. That is, unless you’re willing to shell out the steep $530 for a Vitamix. I’m glad I gave the Ninja a shot before taking that plunge. Although I’ve never actually used a Vitamix, I can’t imagine a $530 item performing that much better than the Ninja. I can honestly say I haven’t had any issues with my blender. No matter what I put in it, it blends effortlessly. I’ve never noticed it struggling to push through handfuls of ice cubes, or even raw almonds. 

     My one gripe with the Ninja is that it claims to be a juicing system also. I knew going in that this was not how I was going to use it, because it’s simply not true. A juicer, by definition extracts the pulp so that you are left with just the juice of your produce, whereas the Ninja simply blends. It’s great for smoothies, and oftentimes on the weekends I will use my ACTUAL juicer to make a juice that I then use a base for my smoothie. So, although it isn’t a juicer, it is still a great tool for making healthy drinks. 

     All around, I think this product is top of the line. I use it all the time and it still looks brand new and I haven’t noticed any changes in performance. Absolutely no regrets! 

Here are a some great ways to utilize the “Ninja Kitchen System” 
1. Green Smoothies 
2. Pesto 
3. Dough 
4. Almond Milk 
5. Breadcrumbs
The list goes on and on. What are your favorite things to blend?