Trader Joe's "Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crunchies" and "Inner Peas" Reviews

     I’m the type of person that always grocery shops with a list. A very detailed and thorough list. And as a rule, I stick to it pretty closely. But for some reason, all my rules and logic go out the window the second I walk into a Trader Joe’s. Am I alone here? 

     I recently made a trip down to good old TJ’s and, as always, I managed to find a few new random items to try out. I’m a sucker for snacks- crunchy, salty, cheesy snacks to be more specific. So, when I saw these “Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crunchies,” I knew I had to put them in my shopping cart. I mean, come on guys, they are 33% less fat than regular cheese crunchies. So really, it’s a health food…right? I’m gonna go with that. 

       I must say, they are quite delicious. They don’t taste very cheesy, to be honest, but I’m ok with that. You taste the jalapeño more than anything else, and if you’re like me and love spicy foods, you will go crazy for this snack. The bag costs $1.99 and there are 7 servings, so it’s a fairly good value, as with most TJ's items. 

      The next thing that caught my eye were their “Inner Peas.” What exactly are “Inner Peas?” you might be asking. I was wondering the same thing myself. Allow me to explain. They are delicious. They are crunchy, in a melt-in-your-mouth sort of way.  And they are actually pretty healthy because they are green pea-based and only have a few ingredients. To put it simply, they are my new favorite snack, and I can’t get enough of them. I bought 3 bags on my latest trip to TJ’s if that tells you anything. But, in my defense, they are only $1.49 per bag, so it’s not only a delicious and healthy snack, it’s a very affordable one too. 

     You’re welcome.