You might think that all it takes to have clear skin is a good skincare regimen. Don’t get me wrong- that is definitely a huge part of it. But over the years, I have found that if you go the extra mile, your skin will thank you. 

Here are my tips and tricks for beautiful, acne-free skin: 

1. Wash your pillowcases twice a week. I know this seems like a lot. In fact, when I first started doing this, my sister told me I was going a little crazy. But I don’t care. This really works. I usually sleep on my side, so at least half of my face is touching my pillow all night. The cleaner your pillow case, the less bacteria available to clog your pores.
2. Use a new towel/face cloth each time you dry your face. Same concept. I don’t like to use the same towel on my face twice because bacteria can grow, especially in a damp environment. 
3. Regularly sanitize your cell phone. It’s something we don’t think about often, but our cell phones can actually get extremely dirty. Most phones are touchscreen, so it’s only natural for you to put your dirty, bacteria-ridden fingers all over the screen- the same part of the phone that rests against your face when you make a call. Try using this tea tree spray to sanitize yours today: Tea Tree Spray.
4. Don’t touch your face. I hate to state the obvious, but a lot of people can’t keep their hands off their faces. Stop that! Your hands are dirty, and repeatedly touching your face will contribute to breakouts if you are already acne-prone. 
5. Drink water. It’s pretty well-known that water is excellent for you, all around. But did you know that things like soda, and fruit juices with dyes can contribute to breakouts? Do what’s best for your whole body and stick with water. 
6. Eat healthy. Good skin starts from the inside. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin- not to mention all of the other benefits it offers. 
7. ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed. I don’t care how tired you are, get up and take that makeup off. Leaving makeup on overnight is just asking for a new pimple. And who wants that? 

I hope you find these tips helpful! Please comment below if you have any tips to share. 

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