How to Get Organized with Evernote

     I love lists. I love making them, editing them, and I especially enjoy the satisfaction I feel when I get to check things off my list. Now, I realize this kind of makes me a huge dork. But, I don’t even care. I’m one of those people that makes a list for everything- not necessarily because without one I would forget to do the dishes, but because I feel more like myself when my life is organized. 
     I used to keep lists in all sorts of random places- on post-its, in tiny notebooks, on the back of my phone bill, my hand- you get the point. They were everywhere, and keeping track of them was sometimes a struggle in and of itself. 
     A few years ago I discovered an app called Evernote. This was back when apps were still a fairly new thing, and I was downloading new ones left and right. I assumed this would be another app that sat on my phone, unused, until one day I decided it was time to delete it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 
     Evernote is an app that essentially helps you organize your life. It's like having a day planner...times 1000. You can synchronize it across all of your devices. This is one of the reasons I love it so much. I can write my grocery list on my laptop before bed, and then access it from my phone the next day while I’m shopping. You organize everything into main categories- these are called notebooks. 

     And then you can create notes within those notebooks. For example, I have a notebook titled, “Money Stuff” that contains several notes, such as monthly budgets, bill information, and payment confirmations. 

     It is a user-friendly, basic, no-frills app, but it has everything you need to get extremely organized. Evernote is available for all platforms and is free. Now, there is a version that you can pay for called “Evernote Premium.” Although I have never used it, I wouldn’t recommend it. There is nothing I haven’t been able to do using the free version and it doesn’t limit how many notebooks you can create to encourage you to upgrade. 

     Whether you’re just using it for everyday to-do lists, or if you want to inventory everything you own, Evernote gets the job done and will definitely make your life a lot easier.