At-Home Spa Night Essentials

     Once a week I like to treat myself to a little at-home pampering. I get the bath water going, whip out my most luxurious products, and even set up my laptop on a bench next to my bathtub with a YouTube playlist. To me, it’s the perfect way to spend a few hours after a long and draining week. 
     Now, you don’t have to do ALL of this stuff everytime you have a pamper evening. But this week I wanted to go all out. Here are my tips for creating the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

1. Set up something to entertain you while you soak in the tub. I’m a multitasker. The thought of sitting in the bathtub for an hour doing absolutely nothing doesn’t even make sense for someone like me. So, I like to set up my laptop with a playlist of youtube videos I’ve been wanting to watch. You can listen to music, read a book, or catch up on your favorite Netflix show. 
2. Start with a hair mask. The first thing I do is wash my hair and then put in a hair mask. I find that with most hair masks, the longer you leave them in, the better. 
3. Exfoliate. Now’s the time to pull out your favorite scrub and go to town on your skin. I have separate scrubs for my hands and feet. I also like to use a pumice stone on my feet when I take a bath. My favorite is the “Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar” from Sally’s Beauty Supply. 
4. Shower. Once I’m done in the bath, I like to rinse out my hair mask and wash and exfoliate my face in the shower. 
5. Apply a Face Mask. I always exfoliate before applying a face mask, because it helps open your pores. I also like to lay a hot wash cloth on my face for about 30 seconds before applying the mask to really open things up. 
6. Apply lotion head-to-toe. I apply extra to my hands and feet and then put socks and gloves on overnight for extra hydration. If you haven’t tried this before, DO IT. You can thank me later. 

     If you want to get real fancy, you can do a whitening treatment on your teeth while you’re soaking in the tub, or treat your lips to a lip scrub. If you don’t have one, just mix sugar and olive oil and it will work magic. How do you pamper yourself at home? 

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