Asian Grocery Favorites + Reviews

    Recently, Chris and I made a trip to a couple Asian grocery stores nearby. We had a few ideas of things we wanted to get, but for the most part, we were just ready to explore and find some new things to test out. And boy, did we find a lot of stuff. 
     If you’ve never been to an Asian market before, I would highly recommend making a trip to one. It’s worth going, just for the experience itself. We found so many fun foods that you would never see at your typical American grocery store. Don’t skip over the produce section! Asian grocers tend to carry a lot of produce that aren’t typically stocked in your local grocery store. We saw fresh aloe vera, lots of mushroom varieties, rare fruits, and more. In addition, most Asian grocers have an excellent selection of fresh fish. And when I say fresh, I really mean it- they carry a large assortment of live fish in the store. 
     You will also find interesting spices, aisles worth of sauces, sweet and salty snacks, and fresh tea leaves. Most stores even have a "home" section where you will find dishes, beauty and bath products, and home decor. 
     We went a little crazy and somehow racked up a $72 bill, but after bringing everything home to try, I think it was well worth it. Here are our favorites:  

1. Sweet bread: I’m not sure what exactly this is called, but I’m going to go with “sweet bread” because that’s the best way I know how to describe it. At first, we assumed there would be some kind of filling inside of these. There isn’t, but it doesn’t need it. These are delicious and taste kind of like a twinkie, but with a very different texture. They come individually wrapped, which is very handy if you don’t plan on eating them very often. 

2. Mochi: We picked up 3 varieties: Taro, Peanut, and Green Tea. This is kind of like jello but much thicker. The flavor names are very true to their taste. These make for a great little dessert. 

3. Peanut Sticks: Once again, I have no clue what these are actually called, but I’m going to call them “peanut sticks” because they definitely have some peanut flavor undertones. These have a crispy, sort of flaky texture, and are just delicious. It appears from the packaging that they are made of beans, grains, and nuts, so I would assume they’re fairly healthy too. 

4. Seaweed Snacks: To be completely honest, I didn’t care for these too much the first time I tried them. You definitely taste a lot of fishiness, and that’s just not something I’m used to in a crunchy snack. Chris, however, loves these, and couldn’t put them down. I really wanted to love these as much as he did, because they are actually extremely healthy. 

What’s your favorite thing to pick up from your Asian grocery store? Have you tried any of these snacks before? 

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